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Fast disease detection with Gumboro rapid test

Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD), or Gumboro Disease, is a viral disease affecting young chickens. The disease has a worldwide prevalence. The target organ of the virus is the Bursa of Fabricius, an important organ in the young chickens’ developing immune system. The diagnosis cannot be made with certainty on the basis of clinical signs and necropsy alone. A quick and affordable way to do a pre-selection is the Gumboro rapid test.

Reports from IBD outbreaks come from all over the world. Morbidity is high and the mortality is variable depending of the age of the infected poultry, the production type of the poultry and the IBD strain. In susceptible birds mortality can be as high as 100%.The economic impact of an Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (IBDV) infection is twofold: direct mortality can be 40% and above. Also the suboptimal immune system has a negative impact on production efficiency. These negative effects of IBDV can be successfully controlled by vaccination and implementing solid biosecurity principles.


The disease can be clinical or subclinical and causes a lot of damage in both cases. The clinical disease is manifested by acute death, diarrhoea, lethargic and sick animals. The necropsy report consists of muscle bleeding, bloody or swollen bursas in the acute phase and small bursas at a later stage. Subclinical Gumboro's disease is sometimes difficult to observe. Frequently mentioned complaints are wet bedding, reduced technical results and slightly increased mortality are noticeable. The necropsy report consists of bloody or swollen bursas in the acute phase and small bursas at a later stage.

Rapid test

Gumboro rapid test

A PCR test on bursa material (and genotyping if positive) is the way to find out whether and which Gumboro field virus plays a role on the farm. A fast (20 minutes) and affordable way to make a pre-selection is the Gumboro rapid test (IBDV Ag rapid test).

If there are clinical or subclinical problems due to Gumboro, the rapid test result is positive. After a positive rapid test, it is important to send samples for a PCR test (and genotyping if positive). This makes the diagnosis and determines the type of virus. Bursa samples can be sent to GD using tissue, swabs or FTA cards.

You can also use the rapid test to check the Gumboro vaccination. The rapid test should be positive three to five days after a vaccination with a live vaccine via drinking water. Ten days after a successful vaccination, the rapid test is negative. If the vaccination is successful, the rapid test remains negative even after a field infection at a later time.

You can order de testkit with the diagnostics order form, articlenumber VLKIT117.

Instruction video

A quick (20 minutes) and affordable way to do a pre-selection is the Gumboro rapid test. You can perform the rapid test immediately after dissection and removal of the bursa. The chicken doesn’t have to be sent to a lab first and testing can often be done on-farm so you can save time and money.

Customer story

GD's new IBD rapid test

The recently developed IBD rapid test by Royal GD can help to quickly determine whether flocks are infected with Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD), also known as Gumboro’s disease. Elanco’s technical poultry consultant Dmytro Radko, already tested the new rapid test at several  farms together with local poultry veterinarians and positive.

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Our expert

Willem Dekkers is a poultry veterinarian and expert in the field of Infectious Bursal Disease. He keeps you up to date on the latest developments concerning Gumboro.

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