Molecular-biology and DNA-tests


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PCR testing (polymerase chain reaction)

This test method is used increasingly within the GD Animal Health laboratory. The principle is based on amplification of a specific fragment of DNA or RNA originating from a bacteria, a virus or a parasite. This DNA or RNA fragment is characteristic of the pathogen to be identified and can be used to detect the pathogen and to distinguish it from other bacteria, viruses, parasites and host DNA and RNA present.
Almost all PCR tests routinely used in the GD Animal Health laboratory are based on the real-time PCR technique. This makes it possible to observe the reaction during progress (real-time), shortens the time to results, and decreases the contamination risk compared to conventional PCR. What is known as ‘real-time PCR’ makes it possible to identify a specific pathogen as well as to measure the number of DNA-copies or pathogen/ml present in the material within one day. GD Animal Health routinely uses various PCR tests – in many cases developed in our own R&D lab or in cooperation with other research institutes. GD Animal Health has developed more than 50 different PCR tests (e.g. PRRSV, BVDV, Neospora, Salmonella spp, paratuberculosis, mycoplasmas and toxin genes of Pasteurella multocida).

In addition to diagnostic tests, GD Animal Health also offers other advanced molecular-biological techniques, such as sequence analyses, fingerprinting and genotyping.

DNA testing

Dr. van Haeringen Laboratorium (VHL) is an official partner of GD Animal Health. VHL specialises in conducting DNA tests in animals, plants and micro-organisms. 

Together with Holbigenetics, VHL has developed special CombiGen® packages to detect genetic disorders in dogs. Each CombiGen® package is created for a specific system condition and contains multiple DNA tests. The following packages are available:

  • CombiGen Puppie®
  • CombiGen® Mobility
  • CombiGen Surgery®

In addition to the CombiGen® packages, VHL also offers CombiBreed® packages. These include optimal combinations of DNA testing for a specific breed.

VHL also has two packages to test DNA in cats:

Submitting samples

Please submit samples for DNA testing directly to: Dr. van Haeringen Laboratory, PO Box 408, 6700 AK Wageningen, the Netherlands. Make sure you use the special submission forms:

Contact us

T. +31 (0)88 20 25 575

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