Multidisciplinary Expert Teams


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We employ a team of ninety veterinarians, specialists and scientists who conduct contact research projects and animal health monitoring in the Netherlands. They conduct studies and develop programmes for animal disease prevention and control. Many of our animal health experts are also frequently asked to share their knowledge or research with international companies, veterinarians and research institutes. Evaluations and studies are conducted by a team of specialised staff composed to fit seamlessly with the specific assignment and are led by an experienced project manager.

Meet our experts

  • Veterinary specialists
  • Veterinary pathologists
  • Scientists and researchers
  • Veterinary epidemiologists
  • Experienced project managers
  • Virologists
  • Microbiologists
  • Toxicologists
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Trained animal health technicians

Our veterinary specialists

We employ various teams of veterinarians and animal health specialists for poultry, swine, cattle, small ruminants and horses.

Poultry health: this includes breeders, layers, broilers, turkeys and ducks.
Areas of expertise include: poultry health monitoring, biosecurity, intervention strategies, hatchery and production, diagnostics, antibiotics and antibiotic resistance.

Cattle health: this includes dairy cattle, beef cattle and veal calves.
Areas of expertise include: udder health and milk quality, infectious diseases, nutrition in relation to health, antibiotic resistance, substance use, claw health, young stock farming and animal welfare.

Swine health: this includes breeding pigs and meat pigs.
Areas of expertise include: pig health monitoring, biosecurity, gastro-intestinal health, respiratory health, antibiotics and antibiotic resistance, reproduction, piglet vitality.

Small ruminants' health: this includes sheep and goats.

Meet our experts

Scientists and researchers

Our veterinarians cooperate closely with the scientists and researchers in our Research & Development (R&D) team. This team is responsible for the development of new products and programmes. The R&D team is also involved in the validation and quality assurance of diagnostic tests in our operational laboratory, as well as in animal health surveillance programmes and contract research. Based on our expertise in the laboratory and from the field, we develop new products for our clients and try to further improve existing products. The R&D team has its own laboratory and a team of specialists focussing on epidemiology, virology, microbiology and toxicology.


Our epidemiology team assists with and carries out the design, analysis and reporting of studies. The types of study range from clinical trials to large field studies. The epidemiologists have a broad range of experience with big data sets and can apply all statistical techniques needed in the studies.

Your clinical research in safe hands

Evaluations and studies are conducted by a multidisciplinary team to fit seamlessly with the specific assignment and are led by an experienced project manager. Next to our veterinary specialists, scientists, researchers and epidemiologists, we also employ a team of trained and certified biotechnicians and animal caretakers. In addition to the daily care and treatment of the animals, they are trained to perform observations, collect test data and assist in other research activities. Our laboratory staff and analysts are qualified and experienced.

GD Academy

GD Academy provides education and training related to animal health diseases for farm managers, their staff and veterinarians, pharmaceutical companies, the feed industry and governments. Our training programmes focus on cattle, swine, poultry and small ruminants, such as goat and sheep. We organise open courses, but to meet your needs, courses can also be fully custom-made. Read more about GD Academy

We want to help you to meet your goals. Please contact us to share your thoughts about clinical research. We like to be involved from the very start of the project, working with you to set up the research design. We look forward to introducing you to our teams specialised in the animal species your research requires.

Contact us

Get in touch with our account managers to plan a meeting with a research project team or to ask any questions. We have teams specialised in poultry, cattle, swine, small ruminants and equine health.

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