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Jump to the future: Dairy farming 2050


How does dairy farming look like in the future? And what actions are needed today to be able to keep producing high quality milk, in a sustainable and profitable way in the decades to come? These trending topics will be discussed in the short course ‘Jump to the future: Dairy farming 2050’, held on Monday August 12, prior to the National Mastitis Council (NMC) regional meeting in Ghent, Belgium.

The short course ‘Jump to the future: Dairy farming 2050’ is jointly organised by Beluga Animal Health and Royal GD. With this half-day short course, the two organisers bring global dairy professionals together - at a time where the dairy sector is facing a multitude of challenges. The unique partnership between Beluga Animal Health and Royal GD reflects the dedication and commitment of both companies to contribute to a sustainable, profitable, and healthy dairy sector. 

Expert speakers confirmed 

On August 12, chair of the short course Sarne de Vlieger (Ghent University, Belgium) will be joined by renowned international dairy experts who will provide scientific context to the trade-offs and transitions to be made in the dairy sector. Confirmed speakers for the short course are Marina von Keyserlingk (University of British Columbia, Canada), Ilka Klaas (DeLaval, Sweden), Kelly Nichols (University of California-Davis, USA), Rinse Jan Boersma (Beluga Animal Health, the Netherlands) and Ynte H. Schukken (Wageningen and Utrecht University, Royal GD, the Netherlands). This impressive speaker line-up brings a wealth of knowledge around behaviour, technology, nutrition, management, sensor technology, and epidemiology to the stage.

Being prepared for 2050

Rinse Jan Boersma, founder of Beluga Animal Health comments: “Dairy farming contributes positively to the planet and people, but the rules of the game are changing. Although the dairy sector already made important steps in more responsible antibiotic use and implementing technology to monitor animal behaviour and health for example, we still must step up. This is because in most regions, we deal with stricter production requirements, and higher animal welfare demands (such as prolonged cow-calf contact) among others. The question is: What impact do all these forces have on animal health and welfare of dairy cattle? And which actions should we already take today to prepare ourselves for 2050 and beyond?”

Ynte Schukken, CEO at Royal GD adds: “It is great to have the - North America based – NMC event back in Europe again this year. For us, this is a great opportunity to discuss the future of dairy farming (the jump into the future) in this short course, as NMC will attract dairy experts from Europe, as well as North America. While Europe and other parts of the world might have a different pace or priorities when it comes to dairy farming, the challenges are the same for all dairy farmers. At events like NMC and our short course, we create platforms where the global dairy community can meet, and we encourage dairy professionals to share experiences and learnings from all over the world.”

Registration now open

Registration for the short course ‘Jump to the future: Dairy farming 2050’ is open for NMC attendees.

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